Reach for the light in the darkness.

I love you baby, now and always. Never forget that… me and you, forever in my heart

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I miss you

You say you want me all to yourself, you want me in a cage, you wish only you could have me. You say you miss me. I believe you do miss me… sometimes. I’m annoyed, and I try not care so it won’t annoy me as much, but I can’t help but care. What you don’t realize is that I am all yours. I miss you too… a lot, and I believe sometimes more, especially than what you think. I always want to be in calls with you, I always wish to hear your voice, and want to talk to you, more than anything and anyone, so you say you miss me, and want me to yourself, and when I offer myself to you, which is all the time, most of the time you don’t want to talk to me as much as you say you do, so why say you want me to yourself? You have me to yourself, just grab me, take me and have me whenever you want, it’s not often that you do. I sit here, and wait, wait, wait… yes I may talk to others, but that’s not what I’m waiting for, the one thing I’m waiting for each day, each second, and each minute of my time is you. I wish I could have more time with you, that’s all I want. I am yours. You are the only one. Have me to yourself, please… that’s all I want. I love you - more than you know. I miss you always and I hate being away from you, don’t make me have to care less just so the time doesn’t hurt. I’m going to miss you today, and tonight and all I’ll be looking forward to is coming home and talking to you <3 I don’t like being away from you, you make my day, and complete my life, be there forever, and don’t go.

I like it when you read to me, I’d take any excuse to hear your voice, again and again